Apple Released all of the iLife Suite for ***FREE***

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Get it while its HOT!!!


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About the 5th discussion on this in the past 48 hours, BTW :)

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@Felipe.hernandez thanks!

VPP here i come!

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Like @Taylor.Armstrong said!
I wish there was some way on JN here to pin an important or timely post to the top of the discussion threads so everyone can see it. That way maybe we can avoid a dozen duplicate threads on the same topic.

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And worth all five discussions ... this is a beautiful thing!! No more web form to fill out with new equipment. These apps have been effectively free for about two years for everyone except sysadmins trying to populate new devices the second time around or old iPads.

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Oh, I agree it's fantastic. And it means we can actually start offering these again on our system builds. Something we had to stop doing a while ago, which was a major bummer to our users since they come with every new Mac to begin with. Sure, with DEP and other non-imaging provisioning, this becomes less of an issue, but re-images are still something that happen if there are technical problems, and getting these otherwise free apps back on them was a pain, until now.

We'd have to agree to disagree on whether we need 5 or more separate discussions on it though :)