Apple School Manager Not Syncing

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Anyone else having issues with the sync to Apple School Manager under Apple Education Support to update Classrooms? Mine didn't sync yesterday so I tried to do a Force Sync this morning and the Force Sync has a triangle with an exclamation mark but no information other than that and it didn't sync. I looked through the logs and didn't see any errors that stood out.


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Mine hadn't synced in three days so I created an Enterprise ticket and they got it going again. You may need to contact Education Support

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If you updated your JSS to 10.16, you might need to talk to support. They sent out an email to cloud customers yesterday regarding this issue...

Due to a product issue affecting Apple School Manager sync, we are canceling this weekend’s previously-scheduled cloud upgrade.

I was specifically waiting to upgrade ours until after the cloud customers so that they could be our guinea pigs. Sadly this seems to have been prophetic.

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Squeeeeel, Squeeeel..... (cloud customer)