Apple School Manager student 4 digit passcode showing complex in Casper


Hi all,

I've connected my Casper account to Apple School Manager. The setting for students in ASM is 4 digit passcode but the setting which shows up in Casper is Complex. This is for a Shared iPad environment. The 4 digit passcode does work from ASM, but when the Casper user setting shows Complex, the actual password screen on the Shared iPad shows the keyboard. When I manually changed a user to 4, that same user on the Shared iPad was now prompted with the numeric keypad. For primary school children, the numeric keypad is much easier.

Does anyone know if this is a known issue, and any timeframe to resolution? Also, is there a way I can change all my users in Casper from complex to 4 for the password requirement?



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Contributor II

Hey @Wheelspinning, thanks for the question!

At this time, Apple School Manager's Roster API does not pass any information about the type of passcode that is set for a user's Managed Apple ID. As such, we must default to the most compatible type of keyboard to accommodate any password type on Shared iPad.

There is not currently a way to set this passcode policy for a Managed Apple ID on Shared iPad as a mass action. I would encourage you to create a Feature Request to help us prioritize this kind of workflow within the JSS. Thank you!