Apple silently updates the DEP enrollment


Have you noticed already that the DEP screen has been silently updated by Apple on their backend with „Skip configuration” option, allowing user to skip PreStage enrollment altogether – something that was previously possible only by going offline? And I'm not talking about that completely redesigned High Sierra DEP screen, but our „good old pre-10.13” one. I can't find any information on that on the web just yet. Does anyone have some insight?

I have to say that with User-approved MDM in 10.13.2 and now this „skip” option before PreStage it is clear that Apple keeps giving more and more control to the end-user and I'm wondering – have anyone heard about DEP abuse in enterprise? What is all that about, really?

Update: Heh, I've just made a fool of myself as it turned out to be the coincidence of two independent PreStage enrollments I co-manage having „make MDM mandatory” recently unchecked, what made me freak out for a moment. Can somebody trash this thread as it appears there's no option available for me to do it?