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Hello,  we have a project where we are looking to use an Apple TV enrolled in Jamf to access a specific URL for content.  I know we could deploy a specific app to get the browser working but my main concern is how do I manage the URL that the app would be set to.  Anyone done anything similar?



Keith Nelson

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We are currently using an app from a company called ~sedna 

We use it for digital signage around the company, however you could also use it for PowerBI metrics as long as you point it to the correct URL. 


They provide the "in house" app so you can actually utilize the browser. 

Do you have a link to them?

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I think Exhibit does something like this:

With that being said, Exhibit you can set the settings in the Managed App Config in Jamf so maybe the application that you are using also has settings that can be configured via that managed app config?

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+1 On Exhibit! Here's a session I did last year at JNUC on setting up the App for your Apple TVs. If you have any questions feel free to reach out!


Carousel Digital Signage can do this with a feature called Webpage Snapshots. You can learn more about Carousel on the Jamf Marketplace!