Deploy Adobe Connect

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We had a request to deploy adobe connect, but the installer is a DMG and .app file, has anybody gotten an install method for it? looks like there's a script in the .app package, but I don't see any instructions anywhere on how to do it on the Mac.


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I haven't packaged that particular program but here is general advice.
Try using Composer to package it into a pkg installer.
Typically DMGs with an app inside are called binary drag and drop installers. You have to drag and drop the app into your Applications folder.
Run it once to remove any quarantine attibutes etc. then close it.
Now drag the app from Applications into Composers left menu.
Click on the app in the right Composer window.
Set the Owner = Root. Group = Admin
Set the file permissions to 755
Click the cog - Apply Permissions to .app and all enclosed items.
Click the cog again - Apply Owner and Group settings to .app and all enclosed items.
Click - create PKG at the top of composer.
Hopefully that will create an installer that will place the app into Applications for any machine you deploy it to.
Try it on a test machine first.

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@snowfox thanks, it's not a drag and drop installer it seems.
I will just try to do a snapshot in the near term.


@jwojda, Did you ever solve this? If so, do you mind sharing?

anyone ??? 


We really need a solution






@Kyle-Johnston , I gave up on figuring this out.

I figuered something out (not fully ideal as it requires a esclation of user privliages , and it dosnt start the launch agent. 

@palmna @jwojda 

I will post something to help fellow admins (with this piece of crap software) in a few days once i hammer out some extra details if you would like 😄 

Use composer to copy the into the /private/tmp folder.

There's probably a command line command being run when you click the

Right click the app and 'show contents'.  There will be an installer binary program inside it to kick off the installer from the command line.

That's how I'm currently packaging and deploying Autodesk Maya 2022 but Autodesk tells you the command line command in their admin guide.  Is there an Admin guide from Adobe for a silent install?  Sometimes it can be buried deep in the documentation.

sudo /private/tmp/

You could try calling this in a script or re-package the .app after it has been installed if the Adobe installer causes issues.  These are two routes you can go.


It looks like it installs a launch agent in your user account profile library folder aswell: