Apples School Manager: Shared iPad logging in stuck on "Getting Ready"

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Every day we are having a number of students logging in and getting stuck on the "Getting Ready" screen after they log in. All of these students have logged in prior, we are on shared iPads, 4 digit passcodes. This can be fixed by reseting there passcode through ASM, but need a better solution. Also if they switch iPads the issue still persists. Is this an issue with JAMF or on Apple School Manager. Any info would be helpful.



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We have the same issue here.

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i have experienced this before once or twice, it seemed to relate to a interruption in wireless service while the Profile was being loaded and this corrupting something. because it has been only a very minor issue for us i haven't spent much time investigating it further

does the problem seem to originate with a specific device? (is it only one or 2 devices that initially currupt to profile)
do you have sufficient Wireless bandwidth for the amount of devices being accessed?

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It does appear more often when iPads and students are moved from one room to another. Seems as if you leave the problematic class/area the iPad will load normally.

We have also seen issues when students are trying access the same website from the iPads (, the website becomes unresponsive for the students. Teachers can access and navigate to the same website from their MacBook Airs uninterrupted and with no issues.

We have 6th Generation iPads and running one access point per classroom with anywhere from 15 to 40 devices in a room. We are using a caching server for Only iCloud Content.

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We have this issue too.
With a number of wireless devices work, the iPads get stuck on the 'getting ready' screen.


Same issue here as well. We were going to try a 2:1 cart based deployment in our PRE-K-2 building and it’s been a near total failure. For the devices we haven’t yet reset back to “regular iPad mode” the kids and or the staff routinely lock out accounts on ASM by typing passcodes in wrong. I instructed our tech to wipe the remaining ones as it’s a management hassle for us and a pain for the teaching staff.

We have an AP in each classroom, caching servers spread throughout our campus and a decent WAN connection. The iPads don’t move from ap to ap throughout the day so that base has been covered.

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We've recently deployed shared iPads to a pilot classroom about 3 weeks ago to test Apple Schoolwork. We noticed this issue was happening on some devices. They would get stuck on the "Getting Started" screen whenever they tried to log in. What we found that fixes it is to 'Force Remove' the user that is experiencing issues within the device record on Jamf. This would remove the user from the device record and log them out of the iPad.

After that, they were successfully able to log-in and continue using their iPad. In our environment, users remain logged in for a long period of time (they were origanally 1 to 1 iPads). Not sure if the amount of time the user is logged in has anything to do with it, but it could be related.