AppleTV and AirPlay passwords on iOS11 via Jamf

New Contributor

Hi everbody,

we just started with our Jamf to productive use after about 6 months of testing.
Everything worked fine before the iOS-Update.

First problem was the "automaticly" disabling of AirPlay via configuration profile.

We fixed it with the suggested workarround, but theres another problem:

At first I should say, we want to use serveral hundreds of AppleTVs and iPads in schools.
We want to push the AirPlay-passwords via a configuration profile to our iPads in the specific department.
I think, it has been working in iOS10 (and with Jamf 9.99), but I haven't tested it properly.

After the iOS11-Update (and Jamf 9.101) our AppleTVs don't accept the password-changes via Jamf.
I push a new password and the TV doens't do anything about that.
It still shows the AirPlay-Codenumber on screen if I try to connect with an iPad.
So I have to set the password manually on every AppleTV. (thats no suitable solution)
Pushing the set passwords via configuration profile to the iPads works mostly, but non-reliably. I think it corresponds to the other problem.

Are there also changes in controling the passwords?
Any idea?

Thanks for help!