Application Installs but displays as failed pop up to user

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I am pushing out an application (VPN software) through Jamf self service that the user can initiate. When the user installs the application it completes a pop up that says "Item Failed" and lists the application. However if the user launches the app it launches right away with the correct app version. The device also reports back into Jamf that the application installed successfully.

We are looking to push this out to all users but can already see how many tickets this is going to generate. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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How is the policy installing the software? via pkg, dmg, script? And does it have anything else occurring in the policy?

You might want to check the Jamf Log on the client it failed on at /var/log/jamf.log to see if it reports anything that failed. Or possibly the install log at /var/log/install.log

We are deploying as a pkg file. Thanks for those locations, I'll take a look.

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@kkeirstead are you doing a Maintenance > Update Inventory with your package?  if you do a restart, remove the Maintenance option.  the Update will always fails since it didn't complete before the restart

Yes, I do have Maintenance > Update Inventory checked off for the package.

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Yes, I do have Maintenance > Update Inventory checked off for the package.