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Hello,Trying to find the logs to user authenication (logon and logoff). I know we can view in History > Computer Usage Logs in Jamf. We need to record authenication of all workstations into our security monitor application.
We have an in-house app that requires a .pem certificate to be installed into a custom Keychain file. Is this possible without doing it manually?I have renamed it to a .cer and it does install but in to the System fileJamf Pro 10.30.3
Is there a way to export the Locked Workstation Passcode (in History > Management History > Locked Device)?Need to create a report of the Passcodes.Jamf Pro 10.30.3
Has anyone got the Cisco Webex Meeting configuration profile working to allow users to enable screen sharing without admin access? I've tried the step in here but none worked for me.Jamf 10.30.3
Jamf 10.28.0 My Push Proxy Settings are no longer updating automatically. I can manually update with no issues. Started seeing issue since the Jamf Server upgrade to 10.28.0 (previous version was 10.26.x) Any help will be greatly appreciated