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How do I enable BonjourI have a script to disable it,#! /bin/bash defaults write /Library/Preferences/ NoMulticastAdvertisements -bool truedo I just reverse it or delete the .plist file
Trying to build a API (I hope this is correct) to get the following information from Jamf / Computer. Where can I find the API Variable list.Mac Address Computer Name Model Serial Number Last Check-in Last Enrollment Operating System Department Posit...
The following script does not work in Extension Attribute but works with ran manually (with BBEdit)What am I missing#!/bin/bash SSKeychain=$( security find-certificate -a -c "Some Software, Inc" 2>&1 | grep labl ) if [[ -z $SSKeychain ]] then echo "S...
Hello everyone Is there a way to verify if a Login Certificate is installed on a workstation? Also to list the login certificates as I don't know the cert name
Trying to export the version of an install (security) application that does not use the standard .App format.When I run the command /usr/local/agent/agent --version 2>&1 | awk '/Agent/ {print $NF}' in Terminal, it outputs the correct information.When...