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We are attempting to run a report (from a search) to show users that have not used a specific application (VMWare Fusion) in a set period (1-2 months). I can't seem to find where I can run this to view all machines and I don't fancy looking at each machine individually. Is this possible?


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I know they recently implemented the ability to search and export via the API.

I don't know if this helps you at all but: 7fa1c349494c4b95a3b38ded1536a60c

Done here:


A lot of the search and report options that used to be available in earlier versions of the JSS have been removed. Not sure why, it sure has caused issues for those of us who used to use it for reporting purposes.


No, it is not possible in a nice fashion from directly within the JSS GUI.

There are various ways to go about getting this data in an organized fashion. For example, you can create a middleware server with a db backup, and query the db directly to get your application log data. Here's an example query:

SELECT DISTINCT a.computer_name AS 'Computer Name', a.username AS 'User', b.application_name AS 'Application Name', b.application_version AS 'Version', FROM_UNIXTIME(`usage_date_epoch`/1000,"%m/%d/%Y  %h:%i") as 'Usage Date Epoch'
From computers_denormalized a INNER JOIN application_usage_logs b ON a.computer_id = b.computer_id
WHERE b.application_name LIKE ‘%Fusion%’
ORDER BY a.computer_name

This will pull usage logs for each computer for the specified application--so if your log flushing is set to one month, for example, it will output any usage reports for any computers that have used the application in the past month.

Business Intelligence is supposed to be a major feature focus of jamf Pro 10.

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Hi Everyone,

I have this updated query from the one @CAJensen01 posted and it's working on Jamf 10.9

select a.computer_name as 'Computer Name', a.username as 'User', 
b.usage_date_epoch as 'Date', as 'Application Name', c.version as 'Version'
from computers_denormalized a inner join application_usage_logs b inner join application_details c
on a.computer_id=b.computer_id
where like "Adobe Acrobat%"

It looks like a couple of tables were added to the DB.