Application Utilization History


I know we can create a smart group to show "Adobe Photoshop" is on these computers. I also know that we can go to each of those computers and go to the History tab and check the Application Usage logs for the top 6 or so apps used throughout the day, over a period of days.

What I'm trying to accomplish is this: I want to know how much/often folks who have Photoshop, or any other app, installed are actually using it.

Strange ask. Not sure if I should be hunting for SQL queries or an API.

Any guidance would be great.


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It's not the greatest or most flexible feature of Jamf Pro, especially since it doesn't have an easy way to export the results, but have you tried, while in the Computers > Inventory section in Jamf Pro, changing the drop down menu from Computers to Application Usage? See screenshot.

Once you do that, you can run a search for a specific application, and it should return some results of usage on your systems. That is, unless Application Usage collection is disabled in your environment. You may need to go into Settings > Computer Management > Inventory Collection > Software and enable the "Collect Application Usage Information" setting first.



Well, I definitely am earning my remedial badge today. Thanks for this. Tremendous.