Apps and Books Migration.



I wanted to make sure that I'm doing this the right way. We're still using the legacy VPP for purchasing Apps and I know it's coming to an end on Dec 1st. We're already using ASM but not the ability to purchase Apps in ASM.

Here's what I will be doing:

1.) Submitted our tax status. (Done)

2.) Invited our purchaser in ASM to be the "Content manager". (Done)

3.) Have the content manager download the token for the location that he'll be purchasing apps by going to Settings>Apps and Books> scroll down to "Server tokens" then download location token.

4.) In Jamf, go to the existing VPP account setting and click on "Renew token" then upload the token that the content manager downloaded in ASM and check the box that says "Populate Purchased VPP Content" Populate purchased VPP content in App and eBook Catalogs.

Anything else that I'm missing? This might sound a dumb question but I want to hear your thoughts on this before doing it.

Thank you in advance!