Assign policies to a PreEnrollment computer (serial)?

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My goal is to be able to ship a shrink-wrapped Mac to a user and have everything "just work".

The main hurdle is that I have to power on each new Mac and let it complete enrollment before it can be named, and policies can be assigned to it.

Is there a way to name / rename a PreStage computer that I'm missing? Is there a way to assign a PreStage computer to a policy that I'm missing?

Thank you!


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You could create a smart group with the criteria being the serial number of the Mac not in JAMF. Once it enrolls into JAMF it will receive any policy you scope to that smart group.

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@NullPointer You can create a Smart Group to target a specific PreStage Enrollment by using the criteria "Enrollment Method:PreStage enrollment" IS <PreStage Enrollment you want to target here>. Use that Smart Group as the target for your Policy. And if you haven't looked at DEPNotify and DEPNotify-Starter do that first as they will make your initial configuration process much simpler.

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@nelsoni @sdagley Thank you both very much! These are very helpful, simple suggestions, and exactly answer the problem I was having!