Assigning attribute in to plist config on Mobile App

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So I have an App that needs deploying on a group of shared iPads used by our students, within the plist file xml that's added to the apps respective config tab, there's a UniqueDevID key which I would want to pass a variable to at install.

The most obvious variable would be the devices name as specified in Jamf.


How could achieve this?


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Hi @Zer0reZ 

To dynamically assign a variable to the UniqueDevID key within the plist file for your mobile app, you can utilize Jamf Pro's capability to deploy configuration profiles. Instead of hardcoding the UniqueDevID in the plist, consider creating a configuration profile with the necessary settings, including the UniqueDevID key, and deploy it to the shared iPads. In the configuration profile, use variables or placeholders for values that may change, and Jamf Pro will replace these placeholders with actual values during deployment. This way, you can customize the UniqueDevID for each installation without modifying the app's plist directly. Additionally, you can leverage scripting if more dynamic logic is needed.

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