Assistance with Profile Manager to JAMF migration.

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Hello JAMF-Nation,

I am new to the JAMF Administrator gig and could really use the assistance and knowledge of others on here to make this JAMF roll out as smooth as possible. Currently we have about 30 Machines that are all on Profile Manager on a Open Directory Mac Server. In all my testing I have not been able to find a way to do the following without physically touching every machine. (trying to avoid)

The problem: All the machines have been encrypted by FV2 but enforced by Sophos. All machines are joined by Open Directory via MDM profile on Profile Manager so once removed and unerolled the machines are no longer tied to our domain in anyway.

Trying to accomplish: Unenroll all machines from profile manager, somehow keep the machines on Active Directory, Encrypted and possibly re-issue a new encryption key sent to JSS for keeping.

I reached out to Support and they said the best way to accomplish this is via Enrollment URL once it has all been configured.

I think I have a pretty nice configuration setup going for machines that have never enrolled but my attempts at accomplishing the JAMF enrollment to machines that are already in the wild have met with alot of physical interactions.

Can anyone shed any light on possible options that could assist me in creating a solution that would accommodate my overall goal here?

Thank You all in advance.