Assistance with setting up JAMF auto device enrollment

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Hello i really need some assistance on setting up auto device enrollment or someone to explain me the process this is my first time doing this and i am super confused and lost not sure if anyone can get in a call with me via zoom or google meet i would just find talking through it and showing you my screen would be more convenient for me 


but any help or guide on this would be very helpful (: 


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You dont want to be jumping on a call and sharing the setup with a stranger. You will need to using your admin account in jamf and apple business manager or the school version depending on what your trying to setup.

The guide there walks you through the basic's. But if you dont have a reseller who can add devices to your apple business manager (or a apple business manager) it might be a non starter for you.

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To second @SCCM, you really dont want to be talking to random strangers on the internet. If you are looking for a deeper and vetted to be trustworthy community for assistance, look at joining the Mac Admins Slack. I cannot say any of them will want to hop on a call, but at least you will know they are actually admins and not random internet people phishing for information.


Your best option would be to open a case with JAMF, and one with Apple. Let the actual vendors walk you through what needs to be done. Your reseller has Solutions Architects you can speak with, though they normally charge per hour unless you toss them a bone.