Authenticated mounts at login not auto-mounting under Profile Manager mgt

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I'm running a student computer lab with OSX Server (Yosemite) w/ Open Directory, Profile Manager, Imaging (w/ Deploy Studio), etc. We also have a third-party NAS managed under the same OD master, which works fine for access. Students are logging in and out throughout the day with heavily managed access to the OS via Profile Manager. Works surprisingly great (for the most part)!

In Profile Manager: When students log in to their account, their Group defines what network shares that should be mounted. For those shares that require authentication, I have them defined under

-- Settings > Login Items > Authenticated Network Mounts
-----which mounts: afp://<server address>/<mount>

Upon login, the login hook fires but does not automatically mount the share. It immediately pops up asking for the users' password, which when entered, mounts the share (and any other shares that are in the list). Ideally their credentials are passed and the share mounts automatically.

So why is this happening? We're not sure... any insight would be greatly appreciated!


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Hi davesimon,

Did you ever figure this out? I'm seeing the same thing, only with AD rather than OD.