Non Jamf Pro / Apple Job postings are diluting the experience

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It seems like a few recruiters have found the job board here and are shotgunning up non apple / non jamf job postings like these:

[](.net developer)
[](java developer)
[](netIQ engineer)

I guess some of us graduate from apple management and move into other areas, but there are already tons of IT job boards for general listings. In the past, job listings here have been direct from employer and usually apple / jamf related positions. Can we get these recruiters off of jamfnation or have them only post appropriate positions?


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Hear! Hear! If its not Apple related it really doesn't belong here IMHO.

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That's a toss position as Apple Systems Admin over 10 years ago (not obtained on this board) required an MCSA and CCNA (neither of which I hold).

The person who wrote the original job posting didn't know what to require really at the time. I'm guessing other recruiters run into that problem... I wish we had moderators on job postings maybe. That way someone can either say "hey this is completely unrelated" or "hey maybe we can give someone good feedback on how to recruit Apple/JAMF Pro talent." i've always told my boss to come here to recruit if I'm ever hit by a bus.