Auto-add iBooks book to user iBooks Library

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Hi all, have a problem I haven't been able to search for a solution on here. So here goes.
There is a need on our site to offer new students digital materials on the school history, curriculum, ethos, culture, expectations, etc. Students on site are given a Macbook Air as part or our one-to-one program. So we image all machines and have physical access to each before they are given to students.
The files we have are iBooks with video content, some iBooks files are over 1.3GB;
I've been tasked to ensure that when new users log-into their Macbooks that specific iBooks are available in their iBooks library. I don't want to place the iBook files in a random folder in their profile, as when they are opened by iBooks, they are duplicated into iBooks Library within the user profile (files will double-up and take unnecessary space).
The users log-in using AD and accounts do not exist on the Macbooks before they are made (upon log-in).

So here is the challenge; how can I ensure certain iBooks are available in a newly logged-in student iBook library?
I've had a look around this forum and having students retrieve iBooks via Self Service is not ideal/not an option. The files need to be present when the student logs-in as part of the on-boarding process.



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Are these books in the iBooks store online, or are these materials created at your site?

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we've created these iBooks with iBooks Author.

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As there is no solution at present, we've decided to place the iBooks into the users documents folder for now.