Auto close browser on iPhone after X minutes

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Most of the iPhones we hand out on our campus are assigned to a single individual, but about 10% are "shared" meaning they are used by multiple people. Sometimes these iPhones are handed off from one shift to another, and sometimes they are used by multiple people on the same shift.

We need to configure these shared iPhones so they are in compliance with our cybersafety requirements. Persons can access sensitive information via the browser on the iPhones, but once a person authenticates to a website that authentication can be good for an extended period of time, longer than we're comfortable with. We would like the browser on the iPhone to auto close after X minutes of inactivity.

I looked through the mobile configuration profiles and didn't find anything along those lines. Is there anyway to auto close the browser after X minutes of inactivity?



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Honored Contributor II

I don't think so. You're pretty limited with regards to control over the that type of thing.

It would most likely need to be a setting on the web server side to control how long the session is valid for.