Auto-install Adobe CC 2021

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We are on a Named license with Adobe, but I am having trouble getting the "Adobe Package Downloader" to automatically open and start installing on our machines, I have tried almost everything publically available. Uploading the DMG to Jamf and using a "installPKGfromDMG", packaging up the downloader via composer and running a script to try and get that working. I have had absolutely no luck, has anyone?


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You need to run the package downloader on your machine to download the installer packages for the particular application. Let's say you're trying to do Photoshop. You would open the Adobe Package Downloader for Photoshop on your machine, double click the app to run it, and that will download a zip file containing the installer and uninstaller packages for Photoshop.

You would upload the installer package that was downloaded in that zip file to Jamf. That is what you deploy. Not the DMG.

Hope that helps.

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Hello All. i am facing the same problem for the adobe AAM creative cloud that i am trying to pre install on somme computers. I have retrieved the installer pkg from what was downloaded from the Adobe Package Downloader. uploaded that to jamf. run the policy to install on the mac but that fails with the error Installation failed. The installer reported: installer: Package name is Application_manager_i386. if i install the package locally it works fine. 

any help would be appreciated

Hey, I've had some luck uploading it via Jamf Admin rather then the GUI

Hi, so what i did is zip the pkg using finder rather the letting JAMF admin zip the pkg. using this process makes that the pkg can be installed then in a policy. i don't understand why and don't see the difference between the both pkgs zipped. still, one works while the other doesn't work.