Auto Lock Time

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Hello Jamf Nation

i have a Question regarding Auto Lock
I have pushed a Configuration Profile with 2 minutes Auto Lock Time.
Now i will change this two Minutes to 5 Minutes.
When i have changed the Time in the Profile and the Profile is Pushed is in the iOS Device still 2 Minutes selected only i can manually select 5 Minutes.
It is possible to select automatically the 5 minutes on the iOS Device?



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I am having a similar issue. I set the auto-lock time to 5 minutes in a configuration profile. The profile gets pushed to the iPad during the Supervise operation in Configurator. No matter what, the auto-lock time on the iPads is set to 2 minutes.

I have deleted the configuration profile and rebuilt it. Same result. 2 minutes.

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Same issue here. I also need this to work without a passcode. If I do not enter a passcode, I can go in and change the time.

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where and how should i set this ? Apple allow us to do that ?
i didn't get any tabs to set this in jamf too.

i would like to set this to all school ipad, kids love to set auto-lock to never and it drain battery for nothing.

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It seems that the solution to this is explained in the comment here:

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is there anyway to bypass the passcode setup ? because i do not want to force setup passcode on some specific ipad.