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Autodesk has some changes with silent install of its 2020 apps. I am attempting to install AutoCAD 2020 and have not been able to use the old methodology of silently installing 2020 version like I did the older ones because of this new switch. Now we have to use the Licensing Installer Helper Tool (
there are some switches that are required when using this method and some are mandatory and others are not. I run into some difficulty running these so called switches.
Here is an example of what I was trying to execute

sudo ./AdskLicensingInstHelper register --sn 568-** --lic_method STANDALONE --prod_key 777L1 --prod_ver 2020.0.0.F

however there is another required switch called --cf. This --cf switch requires the path to the config_file(cf) which is located inside the installer (that is what autodesk support stated) however the installer is a flat package and I could not see the exact location of the cf file.
Has anyone attempted using this new method for silent installing AutoCAD 2020?


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Oh, I wasn't even aware there was the silent install option, thanks a lot for bringing this to my attention! I had written a script that would instruct the users how to activate their app once it was installed. Using a proper silent install would be so much better...

I looked into the pkg, but I can not spot any file that looks like a potential default config file. Seems the documentation of this feature is a bit sparse...


@mschroder more than sparse but that’s the only switch missing. Even Autodesk support did a runner; they’ve not got back to me

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@robertojok Where you able to find a solution to the --cf config file as I'm having the same issue?


@souli100 I have failed to get the --cf figured out! Even help from Autodesk simply sent me to "how to configure the server" rather than help with the --cf configuration...

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I was able to get the 2020 Autodesk apps to activate with the command you mentioned using the following location for the --cf switch...

/Library/Application Support/Autodesk/Adlm/.config/ProductInformation.pit

I've used the same location for AutoCAD, Maya, Mudbox and SketchBook and all seem to work fine with it.


@koszyczj that's good news. Did you get the window pop up for user to select the single user sign in or License server? I disabled the single user sign in but cannot find the option for the License server. In fact it would be great to disable the whole window completely. Still looking into that.