AutoDMG - UpdateProfiles.plist to test 10.13 Beta


Does anyone know how to update the UpdateProfiles.plist so it can be used in the AutoDMG app to create a .dmg to start testing the 10.13 beta's? I would like to throw the OS in Deploy Studio so I can do a bunch of testing.

And yes I've already tried to update the plist file. It doesn't seem to be taking the 17A315i build (or any beta build:

Or anyone suggest another way to image a computer to test 10.13 beta (besides using VMWare Fusion or using a USB).


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This should help you out.


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@jhbush1973 thanks for that.
it said it was an unknown build version, but seems to let me build it anyway.


I got an error:

"InstallInfo.plist failed with return code 1"


Its showing Unknown build 17A315i. At least it was further that I got before.

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@stutz Don't forget to add the .plist to the machine you are running AutoDMG on, you can download it from here:

I just put the UpdateProfiles.plist in a config profile and I no longer got the code 1 error.


Thanks all, this worked.

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So is autoDMG working with APFS?

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I copied and pasted the GitHub updated plist contents into the existing plist, and AutoDMG beta wouldn't let me select the Hi-C installer. Am I doing it wrong?

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so i see that UpdateProfiles.plist in GitHub but i'm not exactly sure what to do with it.

I have a computer with the beta installed and autoDMG ready to create the .dmg. but what exactly do i do with this UpdateProfiles.plist ?

am i supposed to put that single file somewhere? if so, where? do i run the ?

i use the autodmg 1.8b531

i do all this but then get. InstallInfo.plist failed with return code 1