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I want to take an exported list of SNs from jamf and run a command in terminal against it, what's the easiest way to do that?
Up till now, we've been utilizing a script to do our proxy configs depending which office location, creating a new network 'location' for the Office and adding all the required info. Now we're deploying Zscaler (ZCC), which overwrites the proxy in pl...
We're beginning to rollout ZScaler in our environment with Strict Enforcement enabled. I'm curious how others have integrated that with your provisioning process? If we deploy Zscaler with SE enabled, then it locks down the network connectivity and t...
Password expirations are one of the big ticket drivers for us, and I was wondering what people are doing to help facilitate that w/o use of Jamf connect or anything? We have a lot of creative users that don't necessarily connect to VPN reguarly, so N...
I'm kinda late to the log4j party. How would we address this on the individual machines? Is it a 1 by 1 touch of the affected devices and manually deleting and replacing the files? Is there a script that can run a find/replace with newer patched vers...