Automatic iOS App Updates Not Working, Jamf Pro 10.5

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Since updating to JAMF Pro 10.5 (10.5.0-t1527689731 on Windows server) we noticed that the automatic app update was not working (Settings > Device Management > App Maintenance)

After looking at the logs, we could tell that the table mobile_device_management_ios_app_settings was correctly being updated with our sync information when we enabled the feature. However, a scheduler process was querying the app_updater_settings table instead, which is simply blank (perhaps residual from an earlier version of JAMF Pro?). Thus, it acts as though the scheduler process thinks that the feature is not enabled and does not attempt to check for app updates.

Is there another step that we have overlooked, or any other log details we could focus on?



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I was instructed by Jamf last week to turn that feature off as there is PI regarding it. Not in that it doesn't work but that it affects the performance. PI-005048 Just FYI

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Thanks for referencing that PI, that's good to know!

During the school year, we only enable auto-updates for small handful of "priority" apps to keep the performance issues manageable. Historically, we used a custom script to update the app versions in JAMF using the API, but we noticed that any changes made to the app using the API would set the icon value to -1 in the database, thus showing a broken icon image within Self Service (confusing for the younger students). Enabling the auto update feature has fixed this broken icon for us, until now.

We're ultimately looking for a way to fix the broken icons for a few apps without having to remove, re-add, then re-scope altogether. We'd be happy either having this feature work again, or if anyone has some sample code that would upload/update the icon for a mobile device app.

Thanks for reading!

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We've discovered the following API reference and will begin testing it with our custom script to see if we can fix our own broken icon issue: /JSSResource/fileuploads/mobiledeviceapplicationsicon/

Fingers crossed!