Automating JAMF administrative task

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Hello all, I've been assigned to look into if it's possible to create and automate the following repetitive task, which connects to JAMF, it would need to be able to create a user account, add the new user into a Static group or building or department, and also send the new user a self-enrollment link. Does anyone have any suggestions, would love to hear back?


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Depending on how comfortable you are with scripting, it should be pretty simple using the api.

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  1. Making the account can be done with a script, or a policy.
  2. Assigning group, building, and department membership can be done with API and another script. You probably want user popups to enter the information unless it is static. Though if you give put access with API users who miss-type or dont care will create new group, buildings and departments in your JAMF instance. Drop downs may be an option but I have never looked in to that.
  3. The self enrollment link I am not understanding, for the previous two steps the device would already need to be enrolled in JAMF.

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To add from AJPinto, 1. it can also be done via the modern API through the MDM framework