Automating VPN config script/etc

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Hi guys. I need to configure VPN via the macOS VP client. Each user has a unique VPN login, can anyone assist me with a script or something which will allow zero-touch config of a devices VPN details - user/password/shared secret etc. Never done this before, so any support you can offer is very much appreciated, thanks.

Devices are DEP enrolled and in Jamf Pro.


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Did anyone answer?

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I use the VPN Payload in a configuration profile. You can apply all of the necessary settings there. You can leave the username and password blank and the user will be prompted when connecting. Depending on your VPN solution you can apply variables to help with usernames. We use the Meraki Client VPN on the Meraki MX64 and I actually use the $USERNAME variable in the configuration profile and didn't have to append the domain name at all (RADIUS+AD authentication).

Only thing is I wish there was a way to check the Show VPN status in menu bar box. That way the user doesn't have to open System Preferences>Network and select VPN to start the connection.

Could you share some details on how you created the configuration profile. I'm trying to get this setup with Meraki VPN and Azure VPN.