AutoPkg Error: JSS Importer requires missing argument pkg_path

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Hi all. I posted this on Autopkg Slack channel. Thought I'd post it here as well.

I am trying to create a JSS recipe, using by feeding it

It makes the JSS recipe without any errors however when I run the newly made JSS recipe in AutoPkgr it says: "JSS Importer requires missing argument pkg_path".

I've run all the other recipes (, BluejeansApp.pkg.recipe and BluejeansApp.install.recipe) and they do not error.

The only difference I see is the trailing dot instead of the trailing hyphen after the AppName, for example: BlueJeans.1.15.49.pkg
All other AutoPkgr made installer files that I have used are "AppName-version.numbers.pkg".

Any thoughts? As always thank you in advance.


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@pvader, did you ever get a response on this? I am looking for a working BlueJeans app jss recipe.

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@Whybrow @pvader Did either of you get this working? I'm on the same boat and trying to get the Bluejeans app jss recipe working.

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In an override, you should just need to add <key>pkg_path</key><string></string> to the Input dict.

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Hey all.

No I have never figured it out. It goes beyond my knowledge of scripting.

Just ran it and getting the same error.

I now download it manually, repackage with Composer, upload to JSS, update the smart group and policy, ... AKA: "an old fashioned"

Maybe reach out to the person who wrote the recipe?

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@mscottblake pkg_path seems case sensitive too. Battled for an hour, then copied your line, lower case, and worked.

Thank you!