AutoPkgr - a GUI for AutoPkg is now available

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Looks very promising, worked without issue for me so far. Has an option to include a Munki repo. Very useful for certain environments.

@rtrouton has a good writeup here

Would like to hear from anyone using AutoPkgr/Autopkg and the jss-autopkg-addon.


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For future Google searchers, I think it's worth mentioning here that the newest version of AutoPkgr has integrated Shea Craig's version of the jss-autopkg-addon, so now it's much easier to connect autopkg to your JSS than it used to be:

You may also be interested in some example workflows for automating the packaging and deployment of Mac app patches and updates. I discussed three such workflows at JNUC 2014; materials are available here:

There's a discussion of the auto update workflows going on here:



Thank you for posting the links. I'm working on implementing this now. If successful, it should save me tons and tons of time!