Avecto Defendpoint v.5.2

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I am trying to set up Defendpoint and cannot find where to put the .xml file. The documentation says /etc/pguard/ but that directory does not exist. I don't have access to the latest documentation and I can't find anything online. I did find /etc/defendpoint/local.xml but copying the file to that directory doesn't seem to have any effect. Any help is appreciated.


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@profoundpupil The new location is /etc/defendpoint/local.xml, so not sure why that's not working for you. Are you sure Defendpoint is running when you install the new .xml file? I'd recommend you contact Avecto support as they're pretty responsive (and ask them for the corrected 5.2 docs while you're at it - I complained about the references to the old /etc/pguard/ directory in the initial 5.2 docs last month)