Background recon at login

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What about spinning the recon to happen in the background at login. We
create a policy to run at login, in the advanced tab we send this unix

/usr/sbin/jamf policy mapbdrprinters &

That calls a second policy called mapbdrprinters and backgrounds it, you
could just do

/usr/sbin/jamf recon &

And run as root. The & backgrounds the task and lets the login continue.


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Theoretically you could make an entry in "/etc/rc.common" as either a single command with &, or my personal favorite, a screen session:

screen -S jamf /usr/sbin/jamf recon

That way it runs in a terminal that you can attach to for debugging purposes:

screen -r jamf

and detach by pressing CTRL+A then D (for detach). Or even piping the output to a file "command > /path/to/logfile.txt" (use ">>" to append the file otherwise ">" will overwrite it when re-launched).