before OS upgrade check for apps

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I want to start enabling our users to upgrade their OS's through self service, however, there's a pretty wide gamut of different app versions that should be updated prior to an upgrade.  

Ideally I'd like to have a pop up with like a button to say XYZ app is out of date or need to be removed w/ an option click here to upgrade or remove as needed.  Finally, if the device has an app like Centrify installed then to not allow the upgrade and instruct the user to reach out to IT.

Currently we're using the erase/install DEPNotify package to handle an in place upgrade.  This is checking for power, but not much else.  


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That's a complex thing you can do for the folks with Centrify or any other app that'll require a more "hands-on" approach would be to create a smart group for those machines and create a "upgrade" policy so if they try to upgrade, they only get a script/dialog telling them to reach-out to IT. Ensure the normal upgrade policy excludes this same smart group.


As for the other applications, without getting into a ton of custom scripting, there's not a great option here to alert folks unless you want to write something that will evaluate a list of applications and report-back on app compatibility. If there are major applications that are known to be incompatible, it might be worth it to "pre-check" those core apps and return a summary or just trigger patches, but I think it'll be more trouble than it's worth to script all of that. I'd probably just leverage patch policies where possible (and normal push policies otherwise) and upgrade folks that way.