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Hello everyone,

I just want to ask question.

mounting network drive using script through terminal.

let say I want to mount a network drive named "\jamfsoftwaresoftware est"

how to I mount that using a script?

when you use "connect to server", they automatically connects to network drive and shows the content of the network drive.

example, using smb://jamfsoftware/software/test to connect.

I just want to make same thing happening using script.

I tried searching through internet, but I couldn't find good coding for it.

Could you guys let me know how if possible?

Thank you


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I use

open 'smb://'

and it seems to work ok.

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First you need to create a directory for it:

mdkir /tmp/test

then mount it

mount -t smbfs //user:pass@jamfsoftware/software/test /tmp/test

This mounts it to the tmp/test folder

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you can try something like this...

mountShare=`/usr/bin/osascript  > /dev/null << EOT
tell application "Finder"
mount volume "smb://jamfsoftware/software/test"
end tell

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I do something similar to what @spotter posted.

Write up here.

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Likwise I use something similar to @spotter as well, getting the Finder to do it removes a lot of the complications especially if your running as root or different user from a script or policy.

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i'm just trying to get part of it working using different ways of doing this.

I made Alias folder (network folder) to desktop.

when I try to access the folder using CD, it said "no such file or directory"

is there way I could access network folder through terminal?

when I do LS command, it shows up in the list, but when I actually try to go, it doesn't....

i'm trying to copy data from network drive to desktop using terminal commands *