Best method to disabling ipv6?


Couldn't seem to find it in managed prefs or config profiles.



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Use a script in a policy to turn it off. Set the policy to network state changed and run a script that finds what service they are using and disable it.

networksetup -setv6off <network service>

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Hi, there - I need to disable IPv6 using casper and I'm a windows admin! no clue how to achieve this. I'm oretty good with powershell scripting so I thougt I would "get" it but I'm afraid I need guidance. Could you assist me in step-by-step how to disable IPv6 in Casper for all computers?

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Hey Winops,

The simplest and easiest way would be:
1) Create a new policy in Casper.
2) In the new policy, add a "Files and Processes" item. 3) In the last box ("Execute Command") add the following line:

networksetup -setv6off [network service]

4) Replace the "[network service] with the GUI name of the interface you wish to turn IPV6 off for.
Possible Valid Examples:
"Built-in Ethernet"
"Thunderbolt Ethernet"
5) Set the triggers as you wish. I'd possible suggest "Startup" and / or "Logout". That way you should avoid the risk of network connections reinitialising and annoying users.
6) Scope your new policy to a very small number of devices, gradely adding more once you confirm it doesn't break anything.

Oh, did I also mention, always test heavily before hitting scoping to your entire estate.

Hope that helps!


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The link below should help you with this (comment out the proxy settings for each device). I have tested this with a small group of systems (MBPs,MBAs,Mac Mini) and it worked fine for me. Like daz_dar said

Oh, did I also mention, always test heavily before hitting scoping to your entire estate

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networksetup -listallnetworkservices | sed "1 d" | while read output ;do networksetup -setv6off "$output";done

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@jrepasky might want to add grep -v * to skip any inactive services.

For example if iPhone USB is inactive, the command won't throw an error.