Best practice for releasing iPads

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Just seeking some advice on best practice for unmanaging iPads. We have an iPad program where the students keep their iPads after 3 years so we unmanage etc end of term. Up until last year it was just a matter of unmanaging and taking the iPads out of a prestage then releasing from ASM. However when we did this last year it seems that when the students then wiped their iPad the activation lock screen would appear and needed the code to unlock.

Just wanting to know how we can avoid that this year, should I send out the 'Disable and prevent Activation Lock' command then unmanage?

We are on JAMF Pro, any help would be fantastic thank you.


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Myself, I would release from ASM, then send a "wipe" command from JAMF. Once the device is out of ASM Apple will not redirect the iPad back to JAMF for Activation. You can remove the device from JAMF a few days later.