Best Practices for Multiple Location (Site? Buildings?)

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Hi Everyone,

Some context of my situation.

We have a new campus setup which the devices are NON DEP and would like to use my current Jamf to manage this macs.

So i am thinking which is the best practices to so do.


Requirement to have..
- Separate administrative controls for administrators

- Separate Self Service design for this campus ( is this even possible?)


Option 1
1. Setup Sites (I know there will be a-lot of work for this, i am avoiding this if i have alternative choice)

2. Setup different Self Service

3 Setup Administrator account for these admin to just manage this site.

4. Policy Tidy up 😢


Option 2

1. Setup Buildings and these will be enrolled to the buildings thru UIE

2. scope all policy to exlcude this build devices. (Any better way to this)

3. setup new policy to manage them

4. Self Service has to be shared right? Anyway we can custom the design?


Feel free to share with me your thoughts. greatly appreciate.