best way to manage the printer server

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Hi Guys,

what kind of printer management do you guys use for your environment?

We still manually install the driver and configure it with the printer.

I am thinking of using either 1 Man Mini Printer Network Sharing or 2. Windows Print Server.

Please give me some insights to deal with this problem. Thanks in advanced.


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Have you thought about having the Mac’s print directly to the printers? Unless you need detailed logs via the print server. One less step/chance of an issue. You can deploy the printers via Jamf either direct or print server.

How I just deployed my printers:
I just swapped out printers in my office. It was real easy. As I deployed the drivers before hand. Once new printers were ready. I setup the printers and their settings on a machine with Jamf admin and imported the printers via the icon in the toolbar. Then created a policy to Wipe out all the current printers via script. Then created a policy to deploy the printers via checkin or self service. You can create a policy for all or one by one depending on your setup/needs for your users.

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Check out Papercut doesnt work for all printers but if you have any of the supported printers then you can run it

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