Best workflow for imaging iPad carts for classrooms

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It has been about a year since I had to image carts of iPads. It looks like a TON has changed since the last time I did this. My workflow last year was to create a master iPad, then back it up and use configurator to deploy the image and deploy the apps. Then manually enroll them in Casper when it was done. I do need custom wallpaper and apps organized and in folders, which was why I did it that way last time. Is there a better workflow now?



Depending on what you put in the backup.

The best workflow would probably be as follows

  1. Create some sort of smart group or static groups
  2. Create Configuration Profile and scope with "Configure Home Screen Layout" via Casper
  3. Purchase and scope all Apps via Casper (Device Based Distribution)
  4. Create Blue Print in Configurator 2 - Set Name, Background, Supervise, Wipe, Update, Wireless profile, MDM Enrolment or profile

Let casper do its thing. It will install all apps, organise all the apps into folders as per step 2 & 3

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Apple configurator would still be a good tool for the job, but Casper can handle the rest now, particularly with device based app deployment and the home screen layout config profile payload.

The workflow we would go through is:

  1. Setup AC2 to supervise the devices, connect to WiFi and enrol with Casper
  2. Connect the cart, erase and update the iPads
  3. Deploy the blueprint created in step 1

After that I would let VPP device based assignment of apps handle deployment via Casper and the home screen layout as needed.