Beyondtrust - PPPC issue

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Anyone deploying Beyondtrust with PPPC config ?

I have a really strange issue. I deploy a PPPC config for beyondtrust for accessbility enabled and Full disk access. First time when connecting to a jump client it prompts the user to activate screen recording. User go in and enable screen recording and mac prompt for quit and restart jump client to activate screenrecording, which is done.

However, the jump client is not  comming up and no icon in the top bar and when checking the the device is also offline in rep console. If I manual unload and load beyondtrust lanchagent it comes back up - but not something users can do

If I however, do NOT deploy any PPPC client and users manually have to activate accessibility, Full disk access and screenrecording it works. I have also tried just to add accessibility or Full disk access in the PPPC to see if it is one or the other that gives the issue, but the issue stays.

So PPPC profile is a no go overall to get this working it seems. Any one seeing this issue also - beyondtrust support just state that this is not their issue


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yes, same behavior here but I find if the user hits "later" it still stays connected and works fine. 

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Beyondtrust is a company, which product are you referring to?