Big Sur and Monterey Printing Errors

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Hi Everyone,

Currently, I am having issues with printing to Ricoh printers in our schools with macs running on both Big Sur and Monterey. Whenever certain students or staff print, they get the following error:

ERROR : invalidfont



I have managed to find a workaround with a change to the Rasterizer in the PPD files of the print drivers, by running the below script:

cd /etc/cups/ppd
find ./ -type f -exec sed -i '' -e "s/TTRasterizer: Type42/TTRasterizer: None/" {} ;

However, any mac that I run it on throws the following error:

find: -exec: no terminating ";" or "+"

If anyone has any input on this, I  would appreciate it! If you have any other questions, please let me know!


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When connecting to these printers is there smb / ntlm / kerberos / AD authentication from clients?

There's been ongoing bux fixes for these and similar areas over the last two major macOS versions which had me re-work out print work flow in the mean time.

See here for all the details if this sounds on the right path!


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Sorry I was also going to say, I remember testing a similar fix when things packed in for our printers. While I thought it helped, there was other issues at play unfortunately!