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Is it posable to run a script that would bind using configured binding with in Casper Admin? How do you use "jamf Help" Bind? I would like to use the script with Casper Imaging so that I do not have to do the advanced option


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If I understand your question right, you could create a configuration that just contains your bind in Casper Admin and simply select that when you NetBoot. You could also create a policy with your bind and use the jamf binary to trigger it, if that's what you need to do.

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The way we do it is to create a bind policy with a custom trigger (i.e. "laptopadjoin" or "desktopadjoin"). Then we call that custom trigger from a startup script. It also works quite nicely in a configuration in Casper Admin. Just select the right config, and Casper Imaging takes care fo the rest.

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You should be able to create a directory binding in JSS >> Settings >> Casper Admin >> New Directory Binding and this can be added to the Imaging Configuration. This can also be accomplished by script using the jamf bind command. To get more information on this verb (or any verb for that matter) simply put it after "jamf help". i.e. "jamf help bind"