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Script to change DisconnectOnLogout" value.

Hello, I am new to the Mac and Jamf world and am in need of some advice. I need to deploy a script via Policy to change the "DisconnectOnLogout" value for each NIC on a device to "NO". The below AppleScript works but it prompts for credentials. How c...  View more

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Restore Ipad

I have an older Ipad that I want to start from scratch. In the end it was painful slow... So I choose Erase All Content and Settings in system.Seems to work well, I choose language Swedish in my case, country as Finland, Wifi and password. A message ...  View more

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Need to delete Mysql rows

Hello! Long story short, my JSS has been collecting inventory way too frequently and my database size is about 35gb. my Mysql column for applications is 31.1gb with over 175 million rows. I've tried everything from doing a backup in hopes that repair...  View more

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Change Account Name with dscl

I'm trying to change the short name of an account via the CLI. Right now I'm unsure of how to target the "Account name" property. However, I've been able to change the Full Name with the following command. sudo dscl . change /Users/ RealName "Sean Bo...  View more

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Mount Point Change causing Server Failure

I had an issue a while back on my Mac running OSX Server, where the secondary drive's Mount Point changed (Somehow) and caused issues with login. After working with Apple Support, I was able to point my login directory to the new mount point and all ...  View more

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Turn Off - Automatic Downloads - Updates

Is there a way through a Configuration Profile (maybe restrictions) or something else to turn off: Settings: iTunes & App Stores: Updates?I am looking for a way to push this out to a group of iPhones and iPads without having to track them down and to...  View more

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Has anyone used Jamf to deploy Zerotier?

We are a nonprofit with a fairly far-flung staff and are considering using Zerotier (zerotier.com) as a VPN solution. Has anyone had experience deploying this through JAMF? It's pretty easy to install, but I'd like to make it so that employees don't ...  View more

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iOS in-house App updates

I have an in-house app version 1.25 being deployed automatically to all devices Now I would like to release version 2.00 so I’m going to upload the ipa to replace v1.25 but make it available at Self Service instead because I want them to do updates m...  View more

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Understanding Parallels 13 Deployment

Hello! First time poster. I am having a tough time understanding the basics of Parallels 13 deployment. In my environment, I have a certain subset of users using Parallels. They are mostly using version 12. If I go to their machine, download/run the ...  View more

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Patch Policy and Cloud Distribution Point

Am I missing something or is it not possible to set the source of a package associated with a patch policy to a cloud distribution point? Just to be clear, I am talking about the new Patch Management features of Jamf Pro 10. I don't see any way to do...  View more

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Can somebody help with missing progress?

Hi, I have deployed Splashbuddy in a test environment. When a computer enrolls, I get the splashbuddy with all my apps listed with the correct icons and presentation however, the only feedback I get is "We are preparing your mac" message. there is no...  View more

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KeyStore Explorer (thanks to the developer)

One our Architecture team's favorites, added to Third Party Products page, to get some well deserved, and overdue recognition. The best vendors are receptive to feedback, and diligently keep their stuff up to date. This developer welcomed my input (a...  View more

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iOS memory issues

People,Do have an 16 GB iPad, do have 100 GB photos in my iCloud.No problem on my 64 GB iPhone, but, on my iPad its a real problem. Any suggestions what i could do to keep iT working? Is there an option to lower the memorie use of the photos?  View more

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com.Jamfsoftware.task.bgrecon error

Anyone know what might be causing this error, only noticed it today while building a policy in our LAB. Jamf Pro 9.101.4 macOS High Sierra 10.13.2 Macbook Air Hostname masked, using LAB-test01 for this post. # tail -f /var/log/jamf.log "/usr/sbin/dis...  View more

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Can Jamf & InTune work together on 1 device as MDM

Hi All, Just looking for some advice on whether Jamf & InTune can work together on 1 device as MDM.Jamf as the main MDM but adding InTune to support with Office365 introduction Wanted to know if using both MDM solutions on an iMac device is possible ...  View more

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