BitDefender Uninstall via Jamf Pro

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Hi, We are trying to find a way to un-install BitDefender via JAMF, and not use the manual uninstaller on 180 users.

Has anyone had any experience on doing so?


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@j_allenbrand Maybe this can help Bitdefender Python Script We manage to uninstall the majority of our devices from the bitdefender portal. Hope this helps.

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I didn't see a way to uninstall via

Let me try this script.

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Executing Policy BitDefender Test Uninstaller
Running script BitDefender Python Uninstaller Test...
Script exit code: 0
Script result:

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Still stuck on this?

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This is something I'm also interested in - I've tried the python script but get the same results as the OP posted. Bitdefender remains unfortunately, no change as far as I can see.

Many thanks

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If you are using Endpoint Protection you could deploy a script like so. If not, try checking /Library for stuff relating to BD.
I would also create a smart group or logic in the script to make sure it's only executing on machines that actually have these files present.
Aditionally, if you have your BD install in a package in the JSS and index it, you can create a policy to uninstall it as well.

cd /Library/BitDefender/AVP/Uninstaller/

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So, our packages have a password.  Is there a way we can include that in the uninstall script and perhaps run it silently?  We are running from BitDefender and want to get rid of it on several dozen test subjects.

Dusty VanGilder

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Our installations are also password protected, same as DVG's, so would love to see a way to remove them somehow too.