Blank Pop Up Window in Self Service

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Has anyone seen Self Service do this before? I think @donmontalvo posted something like this awhile back.bfcd63b1449e41298cfce55b220706b6

This is on my dev server but it’s very weird. The sever is a Debian, Jessie 3.16, box (I know not officially supported but it works) with Tomcat, Oracle Java 1.8.0_13, and mysql 5.7 using a manual install of JSS 9.101.
Tomcat is using a cert validated by a third party but this also happens if I use the JSS’s built in CA. Both certs show as trusted on the client in question. If I change the connection string in the jamf.plist on the client to connect over 8080 instead of 8443 it works fine which would suggest some sort of SSL issue or way I have the 8443 connector configured but for the life of my I can’t figure out what. The JSS web interface will also sometimes load completely but other times it’ll just show the user name and password field with no supporting imagery. The very weird thing is that if i use the JSS installer on the same server and don’t change anything else (including using the same database and keystores) everything works as expected.
Thoughts? I have no issue using the JSS installer but would prefer to use the manual installer.
Thanks all.