Block Safari, but allow a website?

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Hello - we are just starting to roll out Jamf Teacher, and I believe we have Jamf Pro because the actions are fairly limited. 

If a teacher wants to block Safari, but still allow students to go to Google Docs (not the app) is this possible? If you put the website on the allowed websites, but disable Safari, does that work? Or do you need to allow Safari and put the allowed website?


Thanks for your help!


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If you are using Jamf Pro. If you block the App, that is it the app is blocked. If you don't block the app, you can configure some allowed sites and restricted sites, but this is really a job for Jamf Safe Internet or a proper SSL inspection tool.


If you are unsure if you have Jamf School or Jamf Pro, I suggest reaching out to your Jamf SE for assistance as which platform you are on determines what options you have available. 

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Are you using Google Workspace for the student accounts? If so, why not use Chrome with managed browsers? When I was at a charter school, I was able to lock down chrome to a minute level. Then you block Safari, and force the use of Chrome.

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I'm not sure I understand what you mean by Google Workspace. They are on ipads - so we could have them use safari or chrome, but either way there are certain websites we don't want them to go to - like any thoughts on this? 


I appreciate the help!

Ah, I misunderstood and thought your students were on computers. You can accomplish this one of two ways:

- If they are all on iPads and you are using Jamf Pro, you can deploy a content filter via a configuration profile and add the specific sites they are allowed to go to. Delete Chrome entirely, as I am relatively sure that that content filter setting will only work for safari. 

- If the students all have Google Drive with a school account, you have to be using Google Workspace and will have admin controls to control what people can and can't do within a Chrome browser- the main issue with that is the student has to be logged into Chrome with that account.  So if they are the least bit tech-savvy, they can get around it.