Blocking Apps whilst on our SSID

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Hi All,

I have been told that its possible to block/hide apps while an ipad (that is managed and supervised) is on school property and using the schools main SSID.

What I really need to do is make sure that students only have access to certain apps while they are at school and when they leave, all their apps come back.

We are using the latest version of JAMF Pro.

Is this possible?




I think it is not possible. But i'm not sure. What you can do, to block some app on the firewall. Is that a solution for you?

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@cbutcher1985 Functionality like this doesn't technically currently exist in Jamf Pro. I say technically because you could invest in some bluetooth beacons and have the hide app profile apply only when it's in range of one. Some wireless access points(Meraki being one) also have bluetooth beaconing functionality built into them. It's no way near perfect as a student could just turn his or her bluetooth off(unless that's being managed of course).

Jamf School on the other hand does allow some flexibility such as having a profile be applied between a set time period. You can sign up for a trial and see how you like it.