Blocking ios updates

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This has been brought up several times in the past but never a solution except at a firewall level which means our users will be able to download the updates from another network. IOS 10 just around the corner we're wanting to block it until we're happy there's no major issues.

I guess this functionality is still not available in MDMs yet?


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There isn't a way to restrict updates, there is a way to push an OS update to a supervised and DEP enrolled iPad, I'm not sure if that device will still notify the user an update is available.

The only thing I'd be concerned with in terms of OS updates is your org's Wi-Fi, so get on the developer or at the very least the public beta now. Why wait when it's already available?

As for apps, a developer who's app stops working on a newer version of iOS should be laughed out of the room.

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i believe we blocked it at the firewall level.


Another pseudo option is turning off Notifications for Settings.
Some people update simply because they see the red notification.
Not a real solution but you would be surprised the percentage that this will stop some people from updating.

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Blocking is still the best way to accomplish this. This doesn't block the downloading of iOS 10, but instead restricts the ability of an iOS device to see that any iOS updates are available.

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FYI, we are using a full DNS redirect to self-hosted XMLs.

Here is my discussion on our current procedure: