Blocking multiple SSID's iPads

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The school I work at broadcasts 3 SSID's. I do not have control over the SSID's as they are managed centrally. The SSID's connect using 802.1x PEAP and any student can authenticate to them using their username and password.

Is it possible to stop students connecting to two of the SSID's? and force them onto the correct network as per their configuration profile?



What happens if you create a SSID profile with bad password information matching the name of the SSID's you don't want students to connect to?

Not something i've ever had to do. But i'd be curious what would happen.

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+1 i would like to be able to do this. Subscribed..

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What @bbelew suggested should work, but I suggest limiting the scope of groups that can connect to those SSIDs instead.

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Thank you guys for your help. I ended up making a temp username and password profile and turning auto join off and stuck it in the student scope. Every time the student presses on an SSID it says it can't join. Which is perfect.